Zack Childress automated wholesaling systems


Real estate investment cannot be learnt overnight as it requires lot of time, research and patience to learn the art and apply effective strategies to earn profit quickly.

Zack Childress automated wholesaling systems – Wholesaling in Real estate takes place when a party or the whole seller unites with a potential home seller, markets the home, and then doles out the contract to one of them. It is a real estate strategy which gets sub divided into four strategies namely back to back closing, assignment, virtual wholesaling and co-wholesaling. The difference amount of the contracted price and the amount paid by the buyer is the profit that a wholesaler makes in this transaction. In general, wholesaling is the best and the fastest way to make money in the world of real estate.

 Zack Childress automated wholesaling systems

Let’s have a look at Zack Childress reviews on do’s and don’ts of real estate marketing

  • Advertising

The advertising is not same as how it was decades ago. Many scams happen through this strategy. So people give least importance and avoid posting information or providing details to real estate agents. Calling people or visiting at doorstep is an age old method and nowadays it is not the right way to approach a customer. Magazines and newspaper have very less amount of information about real estate.


  • Digital platform

Internet plays a vital role in real estate scenario as everything is available by just a click of a mouse. Investors seek for information online which provides reliable and accurate information.

How to earn profits in a short span of time?

  • Cash flow
  • Appreciation value of the property
  • Investing in stocks market ( REIT investment )
  • Tax benefits
  • Vacation home can fetch you rent
  • Short terms rentals are preferable in order to get better profit

Types of investments

  • Residential

Ensure that you buy home for yourself either to stay or to rent it out. It is a long term investment.

  • Commercial

Large buildings like office or complexes can be purchased as a property. With the funds, you can construct a building and give it out for rent for commercial purposes.

  • Retail

One of the best types of real estate investment is investing in business and retail markets. They can afford to pay more rent if property value increases.

Zack Childress addresses the complaints and risks involved in real estate   marketing

  • Rehabbing is a process that consumes so much time. Ensuring that renovation cost is less than selling cost is a difficult task.
  • Property value may depreciate as market goes down
  • Diluted knowledge will lead to trouble. Investigate the entire property before purchasing
  • Repair and renovation cost must be calculated accurately. Approximation cost doesn’t work well. One cannot pay a huge sum of money overnight.
  • Overpricing is not a good idea and calculates returns correctly.
  • Location plays a vital role when buying a property. A bad location may end up your property in market for long time.
  • In House flipping, investors may often purchase a property that exceeds the mortgage value. It is not the correct way to make an investment. Ensure that it is vice-versa.
  • Avoid fore closured lenders.

Moving cost scam: While you shift your belongings from one place to other through a property management company, to make more cash they keep your belongings for more time until you pay the amount they ask for. To avoid such scams, you can hire hourly labors to shift your things.

Email scam: Unreliable real estate agents often send spam emails requesting to provide information, investors not knowing that open the link and respond. All the information is thus available for scammers.

The availability of internet has made the real estate easier as well as vulnerable to threats and scams. Zack Childress, one who has profound knowledge on real estate has started a virtual real estate investing club exclusively for investors to know about virtual wholesaling.

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