DC Fawcett scam – pricing mistakes that sellers need to avoids


DC Fawcett scam – pricing mistakes that sellers need to avoids

There are so many complications that a realtor will face in his day-to-day work activities, one common problem among the sellers are fixing the right price for their home. Selling a home is easier said than done; however, it isn’t an impossible task. As a matter of fact, it can be comparatively easy if common mistakes or blunders are avoided. Seeing that the price of a home is what generally determines whether it can be sold quickly or not, if truth be told, it is not just the price but it also includes several other factors along with price taking the center stage.

This article DC Fawcett real estate pricing mistakes will bring out the topmost blunders that seller should avoid. If you are a seller who is looking to sell your house quickly without having it lingering on the market for a long period of time then tag along the following rules when determining a price for your home.

  • One of the most common mistakes that the homeowner does is, pricing the home with the Real Estate Agent who offers the Highest List Price. There might be more than a few hundred real estate agents to several thousand real estate agents in most local real estate markets. Like any industry, even real estate industry has agents who are professionals good and honest and sometimes one-sided. Some sellers confers with more than two agents and sometimes chooses the agent only because the agent said their house was worth more than the other two agents did, and doesn’t have essentials to back it up, is making a huge pricing mistake.
  • Disregarding recent home sale price or failing to do comparative analysis is another biggest mistake committed by the seller. Habitually the selling value fluctuates from the original asking price, in order to determine fair market value and get there at an asking price that will pique buyer interest, home sellers cannot base their evaluation on what other homes in the area were listed at, but to a certain extent the price they in fact reached. A knowledgeable real estate expert will have right to use to this kind of information and will be able to offer important supervision to sellers when determining the right listing price.
  • Setting the price too high and then trying to negotiate to get the set amount may be one of the reasons why your house is still sitting on the market without selling. Well, this may be a common tactic that majority of seller would do, but one should be aware of the flipside of it too. Talking about that, when you quote your home high, there are a lot of chances for potential buyers to neglect it without any second thought. For this reason, you should be aware of one thing when applying this tactics i.e. it does not work always.

Hope this piece of writing has helped you understand the pricing blunders that you are making, if you are looking to learn more about making money through short sale & foreclosure investing, or know common things about real estate stay connected to Dc Fawcett virtual real estate investing club that equips you with useful real estate information.

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