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You would have lived for almost a decade in the same house, now it’s time to sell the house which has worn out here and there and you don’t want to make any changes like remodeling or redesigning before selling the house.  Your house is known termed as tear down property.DC Fawcett reviews suggests the strategies of selling the property.


“Even a bad house can be made to look beautiful”.

Mostly the sub-urban areas will not have any undeveloped land to construct complexes. Many developers would look out for tear down properties for sale to construct properties according to their preferences which can be residential or commercial or to set up an office, and they are keen in buying as other property developers are coming up with new residential plots which means space is limited.

DC Fawcett reviews suggests the strategies of selling the property

  • Location

The property must be in a great location so that the property can be sold easily.

  • Layout

The property can be even luxury homes or house with new structures, it need not be an outdated property with worn out features.

  • Structure of the property

The regular shape, rectangular lot is necessary for redevelopment purpose. If these structures are missing, it is difficult to sell your house. Aerial view of the property plays an important role while buying. Drones are used to capture these aerial views perfectly.

  • Size of the property

Properties with 2 or more units sell faster than a single family tear down home. They yield high net returns.

  • Active Neighborhood

When you live in an area surrounded by active buyers who are constantly looking out for properties, then it’s easy to sell your property.

  • Contact Builders

In case your property is unsold for a long time, then you can take the assistance of builders. You can sell your property through them. If there are many builders bidding for the property, then choose the one where you make some profit. The low asking price attracted many buyers.

  • Minor redesign

It’s not necessary to completely remodel or redesign. But a little cleaning would be perfect. You can take help of the tear down home sellers to get better ideas. Replacing broken windows is one such example.  Don’t work on kitchen and restroom areas as it requires major repair work usually.

  • Advertising

You can post about your property on online forums where many people notice about it at a time. Newspapers, property portals are the usual ways of advertising which can be done simultaneously.

The scammers make use of every opportunity to fool the investor, so they pretend to be developer of some reputed agency and get all information, later you realize you have been betrayed. Beware of such scams and investigate before hiring agents.


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