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Different financial approaches for a low credit score

DC Fawcett Reviews presents his guidelines on peer-to-peer lending, student loans and non-conforming loans.

Peer-to-peer lending eliminates the process of approaching a bank for applying a loan in order to purchase a real estate property or a car loan or for education, etc; in other words conventional loan method is eradicated through this process. These loans are offered by individual lenders who are no way attached to a bank. Investors with good credit score can very well apply for these loans as it easy to get approval.


Dc Fawcett Reviews On  Peer-to-peer

Peer-to-peer lending is P2P in short; these lenders run a website to offer cash making the borrowing process streamlined and easier. They offer low rate of interest but investors still prefer credit unions or bank over P2P, moreover it is way better than using a credit card. Investors can use P2P instead of second mortgage although there is fine for late payment.

The investor have to find the lender first to initiate the process, right after that fill up the application form online by providing all the details.  Once you are done, the lender will check the credit to verify whether you are eligible or not.

These loans are usually used by an investor in case he is going to purchase a new car or for doing home improvement or for education or to start a business or for any legal purpose.  You just need to provide your social security number in order to avoid identity theft scam which is happening frequently when you apply for a loan.

In case your loan is approved, the funding may take few weeks which you receive electronically and repayment is done in the same manner and the time period ranges from 3 to 5 years and you can prepay your dues in case you want to where you can save money on interest. Just make sure the service is reliable and your financial information is kept confidential and when you involve yourself in this process online, use the protected window to prevent from scammers.

Student Loans are of various types, they are provided by federal government for the welfare of the students and you may apply a loan without the help of a co-signer. Stafford loans are provided for students who are pursuing their graduation either full-time or part-time. Perkins loans don’t check for your credit score and private student loans are offered by private lenders which require a co-signer in case your score is less.

A non-conforming loan is to refinance your mortgage so as to decrease your monthly dues as well as lowers the rate of interest. These loans are offered even if there is a bad credit score.

How a non-conforming home loan works?

Lenders take a look at loan-to-value ratio and existing home equity before approving the loan. Most lenders will require that you have a minimum of 20% equity in your property.


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