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The first and foremost thing what DC Fawcett recommends the investors is to join a real estate investment club or group. DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club  is a club where you get to know about different areas of real estate marketing like virtual wholesaling through his blogs at free of cost. These blogs will enlighten your knowledge, the do’s and don’ts and how to invest effectively.


How to choose the club and what all to look out for?

The real investment club conducts meetings where all investors take part and discuss on the recent trends. Many clubs charge exorbitantly which is actually a scam; they are levied from investors in name of dues.  Look out for other services in the club, like what they do apart from conducting meetings. The club which provides maximum benefits should be chosen by an investor.

How to start a real estate investing club?

Research and gather a group of investors with proficient knowledge in real estate, these professionals can guide the new investors.

Invest regularly, earn capital gains, and improve your leadership skills.


  • Find a REIC in your area, you can browse online and find it. Attend meetings and clear all your doubts. You meet experienced, new and mediocre investors; this blend will help you to gather lot of knowledge from each of their investing experience when you have a conversation. You can create even offline groups to have conversations on real estate.

  • The investors can form partnership in these clubs. Some clubs offer extra benefits if you choose partners. This is a chance where you can find an investor with high credit score. This would maximize your investing strategies in many ways if choose him as the partner. Analyze the pros and cons of your club meanwhile. These groups will help you to find prospective buyers if you are selling a property and vice versa. You may get to know about investment packages and opportunities which are yet to exploit by you.

  • You get knowledge on how mortgage and other schemes can be availed. You learn real estate tricks and tips of investing. Don’t quit your regular job if you are working from 9-5. The club meetings can be attended on weekends. You can meet lot of reputed real estate agents whom you can hire when you are about to buy or sell homes.

  • If you want to have knowledge about commercial real estate, or any other area which you don’t have any idea. You can make use of the club members to learn about it. This club bridges the gap between the investors and professionals. Negotiation skills can be enhanced by getting tips from professionals. Market values, open house meetings and properties on sale updates can be obtained easily. This club brings together expertise from different fields.

Many would feel that lot of time and amount is spent, is it all worth? it all depends on how you make use of the club.




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