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Which repairs are deal-breakers, and which have served as placeholders awaiting the arrival of a savvy investor like you? Buyers seek ready-to-move-in homes and don’t always have the time, patience, or imagination to evaluate residences that aren’t ideal. Homes with a lower curb appeal spend more time on the market. The nicest aspect about sellers that leave more cosmetic work undone is that the home is likely already discounted due to the need for repairs. You’ve probably found your diamond in the rough if the house is unsightly but structurally sound.

Even if you work in the building sector, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to do a house inspection, which will provide you a basic summary of any major flaws. You must actually consider in the skill set you bring to the table, or you risk running out of money halfway through a project and having to pay a professional to finish the task. Knowing which fixes are acceptable and which are not could make the difference between a great deal and a disaster.

When looking for investment property, be aware of the red flags and what you can afford to overlook. When buying an investment property, here are five fixes to avoid.


While flooring has a big impact on a home’s overall aesthetic, it’s also a crucial repair to think about when buying an investment property. Scratched wood floors, mismatched or extremely worn carpet throughout, and filthy linoleum in desperate need of replacement can all detract from a property with strong bones. In most circumstances, wood floors may be restored to seem brand new. If the flooring can no longer be salvaged, replacing it with modern materials is a comparatively low-cost improvement when contrasted to the value it brings to the home.

Walls or Ceilings

Buyers can be turned off by out-of-date or peeling wallpaper, just as they can be turned off by questionable paint and interior colors, or a choice of materials. An investor’s trained eye sees past superficial appearances. Wear and cracking around windows and doors are common, but due to constant use, they are generally affordable to fix. If it’s difficult to open the doors or windows, this could suggest more serious problems. Minor cracks in ceilings or walls, as well as paint that needs updating but does not have a big impact on appearance, are fixes you can overlook when purchasing an investment property.


Repairs to Overlook When Buying Investment Property

Kitchen or Bath Outdated

While a small number of buyers may be happy to stroll inside a time capsule, the majority of buyers market are unlikely to be interested in such a property. When purchasing investment property, outdated kitchens or bathtubs are additional fixes to disregard. You may transform a gloomy and dated property into a fresh and modern dream home by upgrading tiles, cabinets, fixtures, and appliances, with modern amenities adding even more value. Consider the demands that today’s technology places on users, and strategically locate outlets to accommodate phones and PCs.


While the ordinary consumer would turn around when they see overgrown landscaping and waste piles, this is an opportunity for investors. When buying investment property, another relatively low-cost improvement to neglect is repairing the curb appeal and restoring the beauty through landscaping. A trim of shrubbery and other plants near windows can often light up the interior of the home, which is priceless. When it comes to improving the landscaping attractiveness, investors should prune trees that are overhanging the roof. Check to see if there is any leaf litter in the gutters that is causing overflow. A build-up of water around the home’s perimeter, softening the soil and eventually leading to foundation deterioration, is one of the consequences.


As you approach the property, you will find unattractive cracks in the sidewalks and roads, which are the first thing you will notice. If the other homes in the neighborhood are well-kept, this damage will stand out like a sore thumb. A cracked driveway is a sign of old age. Fixing this problem, on the other hand, does not qualify as a major repair. If the damage is slight, technology today allows for easy restoration, and total replacement is not a significant expenditure if necessary. A construction business should be able to aid you with this repair, which you may miss while purchasing investment property.

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