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Bob Diamond Scam


Bob Diamond Scam  Why Competitors Trying to Damage the reputation

Bob Diamond Scam – Real estate executives who have limited knowledge in wholesaling, flipping of homes, co-wholesaling and selling of luxury properties should take part in one of the programs that are conducted at REI success academy by Bob Diamond Scam. Investors and agents who are new to real estate business will learn virtual real estate marketing, digital and internet marketing, wholesaling and all other concepts that are connected to this business.

Bob Diamond Scam

Bob Diamond Scam


Bob Diamond solutions to the issues in the real estate


Local market conditions

The real estate industry is quite unpredictable as we aren’t sure about the local market conditions. The local market conditions are to be monitored as home selling/buying depends on the market value.

Emotional quotient

Many sellers get over attached to their property and burst the emotions out when they are about to sell. Consider the home as your asset alone, so when you sell, the profit you make out of it matters more.

Overpricing and under pricing

Real estate agents get the listing price of all the properties first, Bob Diamond  say  pricing the property is considered to be the biggest challenge. At this juncture, the agents should advise the clients about the consequences of overpricing. For new investors, showing evidences and statistics of overpricing will help them to understand better. Overpricing is a bad idea as it will not help your property to sell on time. Bob Diamond Scam

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