3 Unusual Things You Can Do To Add Value to Your House in Harrisburg, PA


Over the long term, properties often see a gain in value. Of course, both buyers and homeowners will benefit from this. However, if they plan to sell their house in the future, they should make every effort to guarantee that it increases in value. You have undoubtedly heard all the customary recommendations on how to increase value, including suggestions to paint, update the lighting, put new flooring, and so forth. But today, let’s take a closer look at three unconventional ways to increase the worth of your home in Harrisburg, PA.

1. Installing Fencing

Installing fencing is one of the best (and rather unusual) ways to increase the value of your home in Harrisburg, PA. It not only helps increase curb appeal, but it also gives buyers—particularly millennials—something they really want in today’s homes. Basically, it can improve functionality and aesthetic appeal, especially for households with young children and/or dogs.


Things You Can Do To Add Value to Your House in Harrisburg


“Almost always a sensible investment, yard fencing can raise the value of your house. Be cautious of the fence’s design if you’re thinking about installing one or already have one. [I]t comes as no surprise that a chain-link fence can reduce the value of the home, while a fence created with natural materials like cedar will have far higher curb appeal.”

Additionally, fencing can unquestionably provide value in the eyes of millennials. “With a median age of 32, millennials constitute the largest buyer pool of any contemporary home-buying demographic. Actually, these people are purchasing houses with huge fenced-in yards for their pets. Many people “will automatically rule out homes that don’t have fantastic fenced-in yards for their four-legged buddies”

2. Boosting Curb Appeal, Especially by Adding Stone Veneer

Similar to this, you can increase the value of your home by emphasizing curb appeal, notably by installing stone veneer.

Even though increasing curb appeal is a common approach to increase value, it is still crucial because it helps to make the crucial positive first impression.

“Making a strong first impression should always start on the outside. You only have one chance to establish the tone your home deserves, whether you’re experimenting with fresh front-door color options or hiring a professional landscaper to highlight your front yard.”

Additionally, improving curb appeal, particularly through landscaping, frequently results in a strong return on investment. It is time and money well spent to hire a landscaper. A analysis of the literature revealed that a property with landscaping had a pricing benefit of between 5.5 and 12.7% over one without. That corresponds into an increase in value of $16,500 to $38,100 for a $300,000 house.

The more unusual method of increasing value through improved curb appeal is by installing stone veneer, which is “one of the most effective ways to produce profit from a remodel.”

“The best project to add manufactured stone veneer is one that will help you repay your investment. Therefore, this restoration is the answer if you’re looking for traditional garden ideas with financial advantages.”

3. Working on Energy Efficiency, Health, and Quality Family Space

The third of our 3 unconventional things to add value to your house in Harrisburg, PA is actually a three-pronged technique. It involves factors that are significant to most families, including health, energy efficiency, and family space.

Almost often, improving energy efficiency adds value, but notably in spaces and rooms that are sometimes overlooked in this regard, like the basement. “Unfinished basements may contain cracks where heating or cooling escapes. Your HVAC system will work less hard and your energy costs will go down if your basement is properly sealed and insulated. Even better, you will simultaneously obtain a more comfortable house.

Value can also be increased by making your home healthier. This primarily entails getting rid of wet places to avoid mold and mildew and the health risks they present.

And then there’s offering nice family space to create value. In general, an area where the family may congregate to converse, share memories, unwind, and celebrate holidays together. Examples include turning a room or basement into a TV room or even a home theater.

More Ways to Add Value to Your House

These are most likely the most out of the ordinary things you can do to provide value. However, there are still a tonne of additional actions and strategies you may take that are as successful. The challenge, though, is figuring out what can genuinely boost your market’s value. Not all upgrades will be successful in all regional markets. Because of this, you should speak with your Harrisburg, PA agent before investing in upgrades that might or might not increase value. We have knowledgeable agents who can give you the direction you require. Contact us right away at 717-489-2849 if you’re wanting to increase the value of your home in Harrisburg, PA.

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